May 2016

I know I have been MIA for some time! ooops! Just been so drained for a long time, due to health and sleepless nights…

When you are that drained it is hard to find something to write about! Hard to get the inspiration. Not only for writing but to sing and create as well!

I have been singing – but in no way the way I used to! Before I used to sing almost daily, now it is barely once a week. And I do create, but haven’t really been painting any big paintings, but just small cards or an art journal page.

Hopefully I won’t get anymore cold bugs for a long time! Been sick so often in the winter. Now I suffer from allergies – birch pollen. Weather have been great for about a week, so warm and hopefully it will help to get the birch to bloom over much faster! When the pollen is down to a low level I will start to be out more! I need sunshine I think to get me some energy back! And if I start to be out more, maybe I will get back to taking more photos as well!

Despite the pollen allergies, I love this time of the year, when everything gets green and flowers come up and most of all the bright nights!! Just love it!



Well what do you know!

Last time I wrote it was September and now October hit us!

Once a year, the first Thursday in October, we have this one day market in our small town. It’s a great tradition! Even though if you don’t want to buy anything, it is nice to walk around and watch the stuff and it’s also a time when you can “bump into” some friends you haven’t seen for a while.

So this year the market came on October the 1st. Usually we get bad weather (rain) but this year we had decent weather so that was good. I did buy a few things, like socks, a cardigan and a few other things.

Last year I remembered they had this special tin can they were selling. I looked at it twice! I really liked it, but for some reason I did not buy it!? Did I regret that! Was I happy to see that they still had it this year! You bet I bought it right away when I found it LOL Now I am a happy camper! *big smile*

Might sound silly to be so happy for a tin can LOL But it is just something with this one. I just love it!

Life goes on…

And now we’re in the middle of September! Can’t believe that it is almost exactly a year ago since I met Rebekah in Stockholm! wow! It was a great day indeed! 🙂

Time flies for sure, and to think that my “little” brother will turn 50 on next Friday! No spring chicken anymore. Well none of my siblings are lol My youngest sister is 44 now so…

Had a Doctor appointment this morning. Thought I had been to my Doc a year ago but he said it was in Nov 2013!! What!? lol  Anyway, thought it was about time to check up some things. So had to do some blood works. Get the results in the begining of next week. Will be interesting to see…  He took the blood pressure too and it sure was low! 105/55!! No wonder  I have been dizzy on and off lately. But I rather have a low bp than a high! I just have to be careful when I get out of bed and when I get up from sitting down.

What else has been going on? Well I have been painting some more. Great fun! Some things have not turned out so well lol, but good thing I can gesso and start all over again.

I do like how this painting turned out though! A koi fish in a pond! Had great fun when I painted it! 🙂

Learning a lot on youtube!

Am so glad that I found this woman on youtube! Cinnamon The artsherpa! Such a generous woman to share her knowledge and all for FREE too! Awesome!

She teaches out step by step acrylic painting tutorials. So easy to follow, and she is also great fun to watch and listen to LOL   I do not paint along with her as the video goes though, but I watch and listen carefully and then I give it a go!

I’m learning many things, and it’s such an inspiration! I really LOVE painting at the moment! 🙂

Here’s the 3 latest paintings I have done after her tutorials. And I am sure there will come more! She has several tutorials I haven’t seen yet and they keep coming!



July went by fast. Well last couple of years I have felt every month just flies by… Son was off work all July. I had dreaded a heatwave this summer, but it was only a few days in the begining of July and after that it’s been a lot of rain and much more cooler temps and I have loved it!! I just can not stand too hot weather. I do  feel sorry for those that work all year and look forward the vacation in July and they didn’t get much of a summer…

We ( son and me ) started off August with going to an event in our neighbor town. It was a party in the port with lots of activites. Like flyboard! It was really fun to see!

Weather were just perfect that day! Sunshine, some fluffy white clouds and a cool breeze! Now if most days were like that in the summer, that would be awesome! lol

So son were supposed to have gone back to his work yesterday, but he has come down with a cold. Started to feel it on Sunday, in his throat and so on. Today I woke up with a very hoarse voice lol. I do not have any pain in my throat or anything, just very hoarse and feel maybe a little bit drained in my body. Hopefully this will pass soon!

Haven’t been doing any art in almost a week? Just been tired and have been doing other things I guess. But I start to get that itch again that I want to do something soon, so I am sure some creativity will be going on here in a little while!

And the summer goes on…

Had some heatwave for some days and am I glad we got a break now! Love the cool air coming into my appartment. It’s been like a sauna during the heatwave.

I’m ALMOST freezing now when I sit in my jamas. BUT, I love it!! If I would feel really cold I can always get dressed or put a robe on. But when it is hot/warm, there’s nothing much you can do to escape the heat.

Son has a vacation all July from his work. We got no plans. Just taking the day as it comes. That’s the way both him and me like it to be! 🙂

This summer we have seen hedgehogs almost every week! In the begining of the summer I saw a couple. Now I only see one hedgehog at a time, so I do not know which one it is lol. And this is the one I saw yesterday evening! So cute!

Oh summer nights….

Last night I had a hard time to sleep. ( not unusual ) But then again, who want to miss out on these bright summer nights!? Just lovely….

I wish we could have these bright nights all year round, but as we all know that won’t happen lol, so I am really enjoying it as long as it lasts.