Self confidence

In this course I am in, we are working on building our self confidence. I always had a bad self confidence, but I did feel the older I get the  more sure of myself I am.  But lately it feels like my self confidence is going down, like a spiral.

I just feel nothing I do is good enough, and it is so NOT a good feeling. I get annoyed on myself, upset and lose inspiration to do the things I usually like to do.

Guess I just have to TRY and crawl myself up a bit again…


2 thoughts on “Self confidence

  1. It’s like that for me too. I think if I somehow forced myself to speak in public, time after time, no matter how I suffered, it would eventually go away. Now … that won’t happen. I have no reason to speak in public, and I have nothing to say. Instead I have to remind myself about things that are better now than a few years ago. When I went to that Remembrance ceremony, I got a bad panic attack and almost had to leave. Long time since I’ve had it that bad. Bleh..


  2. Oh nooo, I am so sorry to hear about your panic attack! 😦 I’m glad that you were able to stay and see the ceremony, as I think you enjoy watching it! A panic attack is one of the most awful feelings you can get…

    I have NEVER liked to talk in front of people either… I honestly HATED those times in school, when we had to do that. I felt sick to my stomach…

    I’m glad that it’s been a long time since I had one, but lately I HAVE felt a bit more anxious, worried. I sleep worse than ever. And when I finally do fall asleep, I keep waking up often and sometimes I wake up sweaty…

    I love taking photos – as you know, but I feel I can’t take ONE good photo anymore. grrrr Never satisfied with what I do.

    And as you also know, I love to sing. I would have thought as I sing often, I would get more sure and get better, but nah… I never thought I was a GREAT singer lol, but now I think I am worse!

    And yesterday I felt worse, as I was brave enough to put up some open duets, for people to join me, but as usual, the few times I have put up open duets, almost nobody want to sing with me, so that I take as a sign I must be really lousy! lol Oh well…

    Last night as I were laying in bed, I were thinking, ” Why isn’t there ANYTHING I can be really good at?” hmmm

    I’ll send good vibes to you and I truly hope it’ll take a LONG time until you get another panic attack. Actually, I do hope you’ll NEVER get one again my friend!



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