Soon this year is over and I feel like a failure! Why?  Cause at the begining of 2012 I had a goal to get myself in better shape, and I started off well I think. Had a lot of ” I want to do this!” in me.

But as the year went on I pretty soon were back to my old habits…  This is nothing new for me, seem like everytime I intend to start to do something new, it is so interesting at first and then for some reason… I just “give up”? I hate when this happens and I get frustrated. 

I do know it is all up to me and that I just have to “kick myself” to really get it done! But it is easier than done.


2 thoughts on “Failure…

  1. That’s the down-side of all kinds of resolutions — the only thing that happens is that you get disappointed in yourself! Bad. Let go of all those thoughts! I had the same ideas, and started while G. was in France. I lost several kilos, just by walking. They’re all back. I don’t care, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand totally. I get scared when I see all the obese people.
    Take things as they come and stop putting all that pressure on yourself — you don’t need that in your life!
    Cheer up …2013 is gonna be great!


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