The mind…

It’s amazing how the mind can bring on so many emotions…

Yesterday was an ordinary Friday, well almost. Woke up my son early in the morning, as he had to get ready for school. But when he came up I noticed he was not well, feverish, felt somethig in his throat and had a headache, so I sent him back to his bed instead. But this is not about my son.

My Mom has her routines, and every week-day, she gives me her morning-paper after she read it. About the same time every day too. When she did not show up, I started to call her, but no answer. I knew she had not gone out shopping as she always come by or call me to ask if I need something in the store. So I kept calling…. and again, no answer.

I think I did call about 5 times around 15 minutes. And every time I called and no answer my pulse started to get up. Suddenly I got these pictures in my head, what if something had happened? Maybe she was really ill or had fallen and couldn’t get up. Or the worse! What if she suddenly passed away!!

I were really choked up and started to panicing. What to do? Do I dare to run down to her home, what would I see when I opened the door? Should I call someone in my family to go and check on her? But eventually I decided, I HAVE to go to her! Just when I were getting my jacket on, she opened my door and stood there with the morning-paper! I asked her with almost anger in my voice “Where the heck have you been? Why didn’t you answer the phone?”  Fear can often turn into anger.

My Mom had been outside shoveling snow all this time!

Afterwards I felt so reliefed! But also thought it is truly amazing how the mind can play with the feelings.


2 thoughts on “The mind…

  1. Oh boy, do I know this!!! I know exactly how you felt!!! Been there, so many times! So many thoughts fly through your mind in a split second! Times like that, we certainly don’t lack any imagination!

    The worst is when it goes on for a long time, before we find out how things are! I have a horrific story about when I moved to Eskilstuna … that very day! Can’t blog about it, but I’ll tell you some time… I should have turned around LOL.

    Glad your Mum was alright 🙂


  2. You got that right… the imagination is going wild!!

    And you’re also right with it is far worse when it is going on for a long time… I’m sorry for whatever it is you’ve been going through!

    And thank you 🙂 I am REALLY happy she is alright! But I did tell her off haha She smiled… I know she appreciate that I do care so much! She knows that many children today, do not care that much about their parents. Or they just do not have time, cause people are so busy these days…


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