Christmas 2013

Christmas must be the best holiday of all for me, but this year I just didn’t really get in to that Christmas mood for some reason…

I am usually early with getting decorations up and can’t wait to get the tree up! But this year it took a while to get things “ready” for the holiday.

I will admit it does feel homely with the lights and tree now when it is up, but that feeling that I usually are having this time of the year is lacking, and I don’t know why?

I have felt a bit low for a while. Not really depressed, but just…. low. Been sick a lot this fall, maybe it has something to do with that.

A new year is almost here and I really hope it will be a good year! I so need a good year…Image



I usually do not make any new years resolutions… but this year I will! I want to get back to my blogging! In the beginning I might have to force some words out of me, but I am pretty sure once I really get back into it. It will all be good! 🙂