January gone!

It is actually already February 2014 where I am at… January was just flying by… and I assume this month will fly by even faster.

We got more snow today, so I’ve been shoveling a little. Or I should say I’ve been using the broom.

Took a walk down to the grocery store, and ran into my Dad in the store. Lucky me I had a ride home! I had bought some heavy things so… But first he took me to that same cafe that we always go to and we always take the same thing lol. He has a cup of coffee and apple pie with vanilla cream sauce. I have blueberry and raspberry pie with vanilla cream sauce and a soda. yum!

We had a nice conversation as usual. I told him I have started to paint a little, and he told me about different ways to paint. My Dad has been painting some paintings when I was younger. What I didn’t know, that I found out today, was that he actually had been taking some art classes way back and he had plans to build an art studio next to the house he lives in now. It was supposed to be a double garage with a studio above it. But he never got to do it for some reason…

I told him he could start to paint again now. He’s been retired for many many years. But he is too busy!! LOL He is always up to something! Flying planes is one of them. Sometimes I forgot how old my Dad is. He’ll be 80 in October but he seem to be so much younger, and I DO believe it is cause he is always busy with things. He is staying active!

I’ve been painting some more, and I do like it a lot so this is for sure something I will continue with. I think I will try acrylic colors too some time!

Positive thought for today… it’s never too late to learn something new!


Exercise… what?

I’ve wanted to lose weight for years now!! And I have lost some but then I gain some… and more! Been like a yoyo and that is so not good! This year I just HAVE to do something or else I am sure it will never be done!

I realized just today that it is soon February and I have not yet started with any kind of exercising! I wanted to go back to walking and also do some Zumba. I do KNOW as soon as I just get started, it will all be good. The other year when I walked a lot, I just wanted to go out and walk every day or else I really missed it! It is just to get started that is the hard part!

I do have to say that I have been distracted with things, like organizing my photos and songs and now I got into painting which I can sit with for hours! Just have to organize myself so I can have the time to do it all!

Been a stormy day today, so it was for sure no walking weather! It’s still windy out there… and it is over midnight when I type this.

Positive thought for the day…. Painting is so relaxing!

Weekend over…

it sure went by fast!!

I woke up “late” today!! around 11,00 in the morning and that is unusual! Well I had been waking up a few times during the night but were able to fall back asleep again.

Finally got some sunshine this morning!! 🙂  Hope it will come back soon again! I am so bored of the grey and cloudy weather we have had so much lately…

Been painting some more today. I’ve kind of got a painting-bug at the moment lol. Have different ideas of what I want to paint. It is good ideas in my head but not so easy to get on the paper!

Just looked at the computer clock and it is over midnight. Better get to bed as it is up early tomorrow again!

Positive thought of the day… loved the sunny morning!

Started to paint!


So I finished a painting, and I do know it is NOT the best painting in the world lol. And at first I was very disappointed that I couldn’t do better!

I do not know why I always do this to myself… I mean everything new I start, I always picture myself wanting to do a decent job! It can be photographing, singing, writing poems and so on… And when I notice that I am not really that good at all, often I just quit it all together!

I AM still singing, even though I have my moments when I say bleh at my own voice. I AM still taking photos, have accepted that I will never be like a pro-photographer. Poem’s … well I haven’t written anything in years. Only cause I can’t find any words lol.

So, after just painting a few days I were about to give up, BUT after getting so many nice comments, I think I will keep on trying! My friends inspired me to keep on!! I’m still a bit mad on myself why I seem to give up so easy if I don’t get things the way I want it right away? Very annoying side of myself that I for sure need to work on!

Positive thought of the day… I’m thankful to have supportive friends!


Finally Friday!! That means I can sleep in tomorrow morning! Yay!  I am sooo tired! How unusual? ha! But at least I am feeling a little better today. 😀

Today I did something that is kind of unusual for me! I did something in an impulse… Just after breakfast I were doing the dishes and all of a sudden I just decided that I wanted to go to next town! I looked at the clock and realized I had only 10 minutes to get down to the station to catch the next bus! ( I HATE to stress lol ) I were done with the washing, but I didn’t have to dry it so I just left it there to “self dry”.

For a long time I have passed this store in next town, where they sell Hobby products. Like handicraft things. The times before when I have passed I had either been in a hurry or I had my son with me and he did not wanted to go into that store. I am glad I finally made it there! I didn’t know where to look when I got in there lol. So much stuff! I am sure I will visit that store many times in the future!

I really didn’t know if I were going to buy anything today. I went there to look what they had first of all, but I ended up buying some new materials for watercolor painting.


I have TRIED to paint a little tonight with them watercolor pencils! First time for me to paint with them kind of pencils. As I suspected BEFORE I started to paint… it looks like a child have painted it LOL. I guess I need to practice… a lot! But it is fun to be creative!

Positive thought for the day… glad I feel better today so I could take my little trip!

A bit unwell…

Last couple of days I haven’t felt so well… First it was my IBS that acted up bad. And this afternoon I started to sneeze a lot and freeze. Hope I am not coming down with a cold!  Been chewing garlic tonight, hopefully the garlic can scare away some bugs! lol

Had some pie today again with my Dad! I sometimes ask myself why I keep eating the same thing at that cafe, and why I am not trying something else, but then again, if I do love it that much… why not have it!?

Got a little more snow today but it was not that much. I only had to use the broom on my patio and not a shovel.

Seen one soap, one sitcom, MasterChef Australia and then a baking contest from UK! lol As you can tell, when I watch tv, I really just want to be entertained! Oh I did watch the news, but that was in the morning. I usually watch the news when I eat my breakfast. That is only in the weeks, cause I sleep longer in the weekends and then I miss the morning news.

Positive thought of the day…. had a nice chat with Dad and a yummy pie too!

In my thoughts day…

Been a long Monday… Cloudy and with a strong cold wind.

Haven’t done a whole lot much today, mostly been thinking actually. Sometimes I get in these moods, when I am not so social. Maybe I am overthinking things sometimes, I don’t know. Just the way that I am.

I just feel drained today. Maybe my brain been working overtime with the thinking, ha! I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day!

Positive thing for the day…. hmmmmm… well I am glad Monday is soon over!