Happy New Year 2014… ? Well I sure hope so!


So it is the first day of the new year. It’s my Moms 77th birthday too. 🙂

It’s kind of mixed emotions, I do miss 2013 even though it was not one of my better years… But it is a kind of nice feeling to be here in the begining of 2014 and not knowing what’s in store! It is like they say… a blank page.

I never give any new years resolutions as I never can keep them anyway. But I can say like this instead… my wish is to become a healthier person this year. Another wish is to find inspiration again for different things that I used to love. I do believe if I get the inspiration back and get “busy” with for example writing, photographing and some pottery gardening in the spring, I think I will feel a bit more happy.

We’ll see what happens!

I will start something this year… since I need to find more positive things in life and not only focus on bad things, I will try and write one positive thing/day! And one good thing about this day is of course my Mom’s birthday! But other than that, I love the fact that it’s been +4°C outside!!


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