Positive thoughts…

So the second day of this new year is almost over…  It started out grey and foggy, and +4°C! Am still amazed that this winter has not really been any winter so far! Yes we did get a little snow but it was fast gone and it is very mild… so far. But I am sure the cold weather will arrive at some point. At least winter won’t feel so long this year!

Yesterday I decided that I will try and see at least ONE positive thing in every day. It will be a good training for me, since I am one of those that most of the times see things in a pessimistic way… I AM getting better at it, but I do struggle with it some days.

My positive thing for today is that I suddenly had some energy to get several things done today! That is no big deal for most people, but for me that suffer from several diseases which one is fatigue syndrome, then it IS a big deal! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Positive thoughts…

  1. Well, that’s a GREAT idea! It IS possible to get out of that rut, or negative thoughts. I know … because I’ve been there. I thought I suffered from some kind of chronic depression … that I was born that way.

    If you try and focus on that fact that you had the energy to get things done, I’m sure that fatigue syndrom will go away.


    1. Thanks! 🙂

      Yes I have also thought from time to time that I have a chronic depression, but my Doctor and shrink that I had some years ago, both said I am not Depressed. But I still have some days when I can get really low though!

      And I HAVE had a real depression in my younger years so I should know the difference really…

      yeah hopefully I am not too old to learn how to change my way of thinking lol 😉


      1. Yes, I would know the difference too … been there. And I wouldn’t have believed that it was possible to force oneself to think differently … Twelve, thirteen years ago, all I could think about was how sad I was, how little money I had, or just plain bored. “Jag är så ***** LESS” … that was my motto! Everything was wrong, I hated my job, and instead of looking for something else, I just kept complaining. I think that was why I kept moving all the time … changing apartment gave me something to look forward to LOL!!! People must have been so fed up with me so it was a wonder I had any friends left … but on the other hand; they weren’t any better … they were just as bored and kept on whining the same way.


  2. Oh do I recognized that whining! LOL Hmmm I am still whining a little now and then BUT I do think I am much better now than some years ago…

    And I am laughing about the moving part! I know that feeling too! Oh boy I can still remember when were about to move in to this appartment where I live now!! And it was just new built! A part of me still want to find a new place to live but at the same time I do like this appartment LOL Anyway, I do not think I could afford to move at the moment anyway!

    I’m amazed I still have friends too, but will admit I have also lost contact with so many people…


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