Don’t understand…

… how some seem to move on SO fast after losing a loved one? It can be through divorse, or just a break up and the worse thing that can happen, cause of death.

I know several, mostly guys actually, that seem to move on way too fast! In some cases you may wonder if it really  was love at all? I mean, shouldn’t it be SOME mourning, or is it really that easy to get over someone you loved complitely in just a month or a couple?

For me it has been almost the oppsite, I know I “mourn” the guys I love way too long! I am actually still having strong feelings for my ex, and him and me broke up 10 years ago!! That’s not good. But it is not like I am depressed and dwell on it all the time, and we’re still the best of friends!

But I think a “healthy” mourning time for example someone that lost someone cause of death is usually about a year or so? It can differ of course for many it can take maybe a little shorter or even longer. Just speaking in general here.

This was just one of my thoughts going through my mind today…

My positive thought for today is that I enjoyed my little walk today! Was fresh and nice! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Don’t understand…

  1. I think MEN [in particular] just don’t know how to live as a single. They get desperate … have to find someone new right away. The actual mourning, in the case of a death is so individual..


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