Lately I have noticed that my english is not so good… The grammar is awful sometimes and spelling too… I have NEVER been perfect in english by any means… but I used to be decent I think?

I used to be more sure as well when I were talking to my American friend over the phone. Now I struggle with words sometimes… Wonder why I am losing some words all of a sudden? Maybe it is just plain simple… age LOL  It is a bit annoying though as I read and type english DAILY and yet I seem to lose it… Bah!!

My positive thought for the day is that I saw a little more daylight today, even though it was cloudy it was kind of brighter outside! 😀


4 thoughts on “English…

  1. Where did you get that from? If you make grammatical mistakes, who cares, as long as they understand. The only times anyone has corrected my English, they’ve both been non-native speakers … both! One Norwegian and one German. Long time ago, I have a good memory 😉 The Norwegian didn’t really correct me … he offered to proof read my blog posts LOL … The German lady … I was right, she was wrong. Pffft..

    Felt like Spring here today, almost..


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