Not much to say…

… other than that the weather has pretty much been the same for several days. The weather men on the news say it is NOT winter but that it’s still fall here in my part of Sweden! I am not complaining, however! I wish there could be more sunshine…

It takes much longer than I thought to upload photos from my computer to Flickr. But I have got a lot done already, and I will feel so pleased when it is all done!

Positive thought for today… My stomach is not upset today! 😀

It’s just midnight and I think I will just turn off my computer and get ready for bed! Night!


2 thoughts on “Not much to say…

  1. Well … If I would come up with a positive thought right here and not, it got to be: I don’t have to go out! This is the most miserable night, weather-wise, I’ve seen in a long time. The fog rolled in, and it’s totally thick, but we have high winds and pouring rain … all at the same time! Bleh … imagine what this is going to do to our snow!

    Glad your stomach seems to be heading in the right direction…


    1. I didn’t go out all day either, but it was not any bad weather or anything. Just didn’t have any errands so I stayed in lol.

      Yes weather REALLY seem to be awful over there! Just heard from my friend in New York and he said weather is really crazy! One day so cold and next day warm and then freezing again…

      I wonder when winter will arrive in my part of the world?

      Thanks for your kind comment about my stomach! 🙂


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