Last “vacation day” …

Son’s Christmas break is over, tomorrow it’s back to school and so that means that it is time for up really early again! I’ve never been any morning person, but somehow you still get up and do the things you have to do. And actually when I am up and had my breakfast I do have a much longer day left to do what I want to do!

Well of course some of the time goes to those things you have to do, like the dishes, cleaning up and so on. But I do have a lot of free time where I can do whatever I like to do. 🙂

Today’s positive thought/thing is that I enjoyed meeting my Dad at the local cafe and as usual I always have this yummy blueberry/raspberry pie with vanillacream sauce! Just love it!!



4 thoughts on “Last “vacation day” …

  1. That looks yummy! Good that you got to get out and see your father!

    I have a hard time sleeping in these days. I tend to wake up too early, and if I get up, I’m half-dead in the afternoon.


    1. The way it is now , when I seem to have more sleeping problems is that IF I do fall asleep it is very late so then I naturally sleep to later in the morning too, if nobody wakes me up LOL

      Well I didn’t get much sleep… again, but I have been stubborn and stayed awake all day today, even though I for sure would like to lay down for a rest. Hopefully I will be SOOOO Tired that I almost pass out in bed tonight LOL

      Will see if the plan works! :O


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