Raindrops are falling on my window ( and not my head lol )

Been a grey day, again. But it didn’t start to rain until this evening. I hope it will keep on raining a little while as I’ll soon go to bed and it is something about laying in bed and listening to the rain… a comfortable feeling! Only bad thing is if it gets cold in the night, then we will have very slippery streets early in the morning… Just have to wait and see!

I’m still busy with uploading photos to Flickr – yes still!! :O  And at the same time I am going through songs on SingSnap. Have deleted MANY songs. It’s nice to clean up! Still have a lot more songs to go through… Maybe a few days more!

Positive thought for the day is that I did get a good nights sleep and have felt so much better today! 😀  Hopefully the rain will make me fall asleep this night! What am I saying!!? Of course it WILL make me fall asleep! 😉  Night night!!


3 thoughts on “Raindrops are falling on my window ( and not my head lol )

  1. Sleep IS a beautiful thing … hang onto that 😀
    We’ll get rain on Saturday, big time. I can never hear it on the roof, though … We live on the top floor, but there’s something in between, I think.

    It’s nice to get some order. That’s about the only thing I’ve really stuck with: to upload each batch, every day. Lately, it hasn’t been photos every day, though … which is kind of sad.


    1. I live on the first floor so I can’t hear when it rains on the roof. What I hear is when it rains on my window and also hear the sound from water runing down the downpipes!

      Yes it sure is nice to get some order! I still have a lot left to do. I took a day off today with uploading pictures and deleting songs lol.

      Once I have finished uploading all photos from computer you can bet that I will upload as soon as I get any new photos!

      I haven’t taken any photos every day as well lately…


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