So today winter arrived! Were snow on the ground when I woke up so sometime in the night the rain turned in to snow instead. Been snowing on and off almost all day. But it must have been mixed with rain as it’s not as much snow out there after snowing all day…

Took a ” day off ” with the organizing stuff! Have been singing some today, and watched some tv. Not that it was much to see today! Sometimes I think they have really bad programs on tv in the weekends! You’d think that is the time they should show great shows when people are off! But nope…

Positive things for the day! When a friend told me today  that he values my friendship! 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Yeah, those are the things we must treasure … a real friend.

    So … there was snow on the ground! I saw that in some photos in my hometown group too.

    I don’t know how many channels we have on TV, but quite often we say «There’s NOTHING on TV!!!» I don’t know for who they make the shows … morons?!


    1. We got a little more snow today and it was under zero all day! Almost -4°C this morning.

      I have no idea either how many channels we have lol. Yes many shows you really wonder who they are for!

      Will admit I do mostly watch entertaining programs. Could never see any “heavy” movies, like Ingmar Bergman.

      I simply just want to be entertained and yeah sometimes I get a little education too lol.


  2. We have had ice. Lots and lots of ice. More than I ever remember. I agree about nothing to watch. I do have some things taped. But I don’t end up watching them either. Mostly I seem to have the tv on as background noise.


    1. If I had to chose between snow or ice I would say snow anytime! I just hate ice!! I am always afraid to slip and hurt myself bad!.

      Oh we used to have tv on all the time as well before, but lately if neither Timmy or me are in the livingroom I just turn the tv off!


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