Lazy day

Been a lazy day today, didn’t even go out today! We’ve got a little more snow and it is for sure colder outside too.

Have felt a bit low today… for no reason really. I get like this once in a while, so I am used to it and I know I will most likely feel better tomorrow already!

I’ve continued my uploading to Flickr. Still got a lot of photos on my computer! But I’m getting closer to have them all on Flickr AND on my external harddrive. Also been going through some more songs on Singsnap. So it feels good that things are going forward at least!

Still have my Christmas tree and stuff up! On Monday it’s the day when the tree is supposed to go out! I might take it down tomorrow already… I DO find it homely to have it up, but at the same time the tree takes a lot of space on the floor. So I have mixed feelings about it.

Positive thought of the day. It’s been brighter outside cause of the snow. And I already also noticed that it takes a little while longer before it gets dark outside! Yes already! πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Lazy day

    1. You could have one of those tiny trees, like Timmy has in his room! They do not take up much place at all and yet they are so cute and pretty! πŸ™‚

      No I have never really looked up the word homely and yes it sure is weird!!


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