Let it snow let it snow…


Been snowing on and off all day and now in the evening it’s snowing even more, plus it is cold! Brrr -10°C ( 14°F ) Will see how it is tomorrow morning when we wake up! Depending how bad the weather gets maybe there won’t be any buses to son’s school! Just have to wait and see…

Been doing the usual stuff here at home… plus went out to the grocery store to get some things. It’s also been one of those days when I think TOO much… argh! Usually when I get days like that I think about things that just makes me more worried and drained, so it is no good at all! Just so hard to not think of those things…

When I am in bed I will TRY my best to do some mindfullness and get my mind totally BLANK. Hopefully it will help and I can fall asleep with no more bothering thoughts!

Positive thought for today, I’m thankful for that one of my sisters gave me a ride to the store so I didn’t had to walk in the snow and cold winds!


7 thoughts on “Let it snow let it snow…

  1. I’m trying something new; As soon as I notice those negative thoughts are coming, I immediately stop and, in my mind’s eye, I visualize a red STOP-sign. It has actually worked so far, strange as it sounds! That moment of visualizing the STOP-sign is enough to break that negative chain of thoughts …


  2. Hofulelpy Ep2 will have a brand new special stage design. The Sonic 2 special stage concept has already been re-used before in Sonic Heroes and Sonic 3d blast (sega saturn).


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