What theme???

I can’t seem to find any theme that I really LOVE and feel “this is me!”   I think I have found “the theme” and after a few days I feel… nahh I want to change. So today I changed again and I am not happy with it either LOL Oh well… I’ll get there. Eventually! 😉

So I am feeling a bit better today. I even managed to go to next town! Yesterday I was so sure I would have to cancel the appointment today, but it all went well. Well actually it is son that have these regular appointments in next town but he do not want to go there on his own. It is at times like that, for appointments I mean, he needs the support from his Mom. That is his Autism “speaking”.

Been another grey and cold day and saw a few flakes during the day too. Not much though. I know we have been spoiled with the mild weather until recently… but I am already longing for spring! Big time!

Positive thought of the day… I managed to get away to next town, and be a support for my son! 🙂


3 thoughts on “What theme???

    1. Yes there are a lot of themes, but would have so much more to choose from if I would pay, but I refuse to LOL

      I had one rather basic recently and had my own photo as a header… Might try and find another good basic one so I can also change the bg! 🙂


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