A little ramble…

We got more snow during the day and I were just checking the temp this evening and I did not expect it to be THAT cold!! It is -13,6°C!!!

Brrrrr! Hope it is not that cold in the morning when son and me have to head out. In fact if it IS that cold, he won’t be able to get out as really cold weather can give him asthma… So just have to wait and see in the morning.

I am ALMOST done with the uploading to Flickr from my computer. When I am done, in the future I will definately upload the photos directly to Flickr instead of storing them on my computer.

I have 2 positive thoughts for today…. I finally found a theme that I like, with my own background and header! Yay me! 🙂 And the second positive thought is that I really enjoyed my dinner today LOL  It was chicken with rice, corn, broccoli and gravy. Yum!


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