Lazy day…

Nothing interesting has been going on today, well most of my days are like that actually lol. I’ve been home all day. Didn’t have to run any errands at all. Only been out twice and then just outside my appartment. Had to shovel snow.

It had been snowing all night and then it kept falling snow throughout the day. I think it finally stoped early in the evening.

Was no big deal at all to shovel, as the snow is still fluffy and light! 🙂

Been watching some movies, one on tv and one DVD. The one on tv were ok, were actually a teenage movie but I enjoy to watch those kind of movies too, it’s easy to watch and they usually have some nice music in them too!

The DVD was a movie called “Wanderlust” , at first I thought it was kind of funny… but after a while I just thought it was plain weird LOL  Still I had to watch the whole movie as I wanted to see the end!  I do not think I will ever watch that DVD again!

Positive thought of the day…. it’s been a relaxing day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lazy day…

  1. Hope you don’t have so long way you have to shovel?!

    My positive thought for today got to be that quite a few people actually seem to like me. That always surprises me. Secondly; this apartment which we both love. We often talk about it — we can’t think of any other place in the city where we would like to live.


    1. Oh nooo, I just shovel my patio, that is very small and then I shovel the front door stair. I actually shovel the whole stair, even outside the 2 neighbors. They have helped me many times too so… 🙂

      Why are you surprised my friend!!?? You are very likeable!! 🙂

      And I am glad that you found a place that you enjoy!! I really love our appartment too! We got a nice view! Only thing is that it is a bit hot when it is a hot summer ( you know about how that is! ) And I still have this dream to some day have a place where I can look out and see some kind of water… I do not think that will ever happen though lol But I am still hanging on to that dream! 😉


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