Haven’t been outside the door today! Well actually once shovelling snow again. But it seem like it stoped snowing for a while now.

Uploaded a few more photos to Flickr…. nope still  not done with that as I took a few days break with uploading. And still have some songs to go through over at SingSnap…

Been a lot of tv-watching today. I love watching “MasterChef Australia”. I have seen Masterchef from uk, USA and even Sweden, and sure they are ok but Australia is the best! Just like the hosts there!

And today a new season of  the Swedish program “Spårlöst”  ( untraceable) Started again.  For those that do not know what show it is, it’s where a person is looking for a “lost” family member of some kind.

Today it was a guy born in Russia but adopted to Sweden that were looking for his russian sister. He found her in Virginia, USA! She had also got adopted.  As usual I got teary eyed.. I know I am a softie! LOL

Todays positive thought is…. that I surprised my son with newbaked chocolate muffins and his happy face made my day!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. We didn’t go out either. Snowed all day, wet and heavy.
    I’ve only watched one cooking show … a Canadian guy. Watched it mainly for the show, I don’t like to cook.
    Some of those shows can get quite emotional, I guess. All these adopted children … sooner or later they begin searching for their roots, I guess … that would be only natural.

    Things like that must be so sweet … to see his happy face, and to be able to make somebody else real happy! 🙂


    1. I don’t know why I love to look at all those cooking shows! Maybe cause I love food? lol

      I am so NOT a great cook! I can only do the basic more or less… I am “forced” to cook from scratch cause of Timmy’s allergies, which is good for him anyway! He never get any junk food that way, and I guess he lives a healthier life?

      Yes I think it is natural for adopted to one day want to find out more about their roots, where they come from. And another thing I have noticed is important to them, is to see someone that looks just like them! They want to know who they look alike.

      It is ALWAYS nice to make someone happy! 🙂


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