In my thoughts day…

Been a long Monday… Cloudy and with a strong cold wind.

Haven’t done a whole lot much today, mostly been thinking actually. Sometimes I get in these moods, when I am not so social. Maybe I am overthinking things sometimes, I don’t know. Just the way that I am.

I just feel drained today. Maybe my brain been working overtime with the thinking, ha! I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day!

Positive thing for the day…. hmmmmm… well I am glad Monday is soon over!


3 thoughts on “In my thoughts day…

  1. I’m never social. That phase of my life is long gone.

    When I don’t keep myself busy with something, I tend to think [too much?] too. I don’t know which is best … to go through life, suppressing ones thoughts all the time, or just let them come as they want?!

    Not every day is all that rosy … some are just ‘neutral’, or whatever.


    1. In “real life” I am not that social either…. Last time I spend time with friends was in April 2013 when I had lunch with 2 friends!

      After that I have only met up with family…

      I meant more being social online in this post… Usually I stay in touch with several people every day online but sometimes I just feel like just sit and think, or do something with my pictures and so on…

      I tend to think too much as well when I start thinking LOL

      I do not know either which is best….

      And so true!! Most of my days aren’t rosy actually lol


      1. Alright … yeah, I have two, too 🙂 …that I have sort of an ongoing conversation with. And that conversation changes all the time, it goes from email to iPhone Message and back again … it’s very nice.


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