A bit unwell…

Last couple of days I haven’t felt so well… First it was my IBS that acted up bad. And this afternoon I started to sneeze a lot and freeze. Hope I am not coming down with a cold!  Been chewing garlic tonight, hopefully the garlic can scare away some bugs! lol

Had some pie today again with my Dad! I sometimes ask myself why I keep eating the same thing at that cafe, and why I am not trying something else, but then again, if I do love it that much… why not have it!?

Got a little more snow today but it was not that much. I only had to use the broom on my patio and not a shovel.

Seen one soap, one sitcom, MasterChef Australia and then a baking contest from UK! lol As you can tell, when I watch tv, I really just want to be entertained! Oh I did watch the news, but that was in the morning. I usually watch the news when I eat my breakfast. That is only in the weeks, cause I sleep longer in the weekends and then I miss the morning news.

Positive thought of the day…. had a nice chat with Dad and a yummy pie too!


2 thoughts on “A bit unwell…

  1. I do that too … eat the same things in the same places! Why change a winning concept?! LOL I’m glad you had a good time with your dad.

    We watch the local news at 5, all other news online. If G. is away somewhere I turn on CNN and leave it there … all the time 😀


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