Finally Friday!! That means I can sleep in tomorrow morning! Yay!  I am sooo tired! How unusual? ha! But at least I am feeling a little better today. 😀

Today I did something that is kind of unusual for me! I did something in an impulse… Just after breakfast I were doing the dishes and all of a sudden I just decided that I wanted to go to next town! I looked at the clock and realized I had only 10 minutes to get down to the station to catch the next bus! ( I HATE to stress lol ) I were done with the washing, but I didn’t have to dry it so I just left it there to “self dry”.

For a long time I have passed this store in next town, where they sell Hobby products. Like handicraft things. The times before when I have passed I had either been in a hurry or I had my son with me and he did not wanted to go into that store. I am glad I finally made it there! I didn’t know where to look when I got in there lol. So much stuff! I am sure I will visit that store many times in the future!

I really didn’t know if I were going to buy anything today. I went there to look what they had first of all, but I ended up buying some new materials for watercolor painting.


I have TRIED to paint a little tonight with them watercolor pencils! First time for me to paint with them kind of pencils. As I suspected BEFORE I started to paint… it looks like a child have painted it LOL. I guess I need to practice… a lot! But it is fun to be creative!

Positive thought for the day… glad I feel better today so I could take my little trip!


5 thoughts on “Friday!

  1. Good for you! That you did go…

    You know, that is something I’ve been thinking about myself: To buy a watercolour set for kids [for starters], they have them in Walmart here. I haven’t done it since I was a kid, and it would be so much fun to try! One can always do outlines first.. 🙂


    1. Oh go ahead and buy it!! It is for sure very relaxing!

      Good idea about the outliners! 🙂

      I did try some freehand today. Will admit I were not too happy about it when it was finished. Look like a child has painted it lol

      I did feel better about it after hearing some comments over at FB. I do know some might have just said nice words to be kind lol. But I also believe some actually liked it!

      Will keep on practicing though! 😀


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