Started to paint!


So I finished a painting, and I do know it is NOT the best painting in the world lol. And at first I was very disappointed that I couldn’t do better!

I do not know why I always do this to myself… I mean everything new I start, I always picture myself wanting to do a decent job! It can be photographing, singing, writing poems and so on… And when I notice that I am not really that good at all, often I just quit it all together!

I AM still singing, even though I have my moments when I say bleh at my own voice. I AM still taking photos, have accepted that I will never be like a pro-photographer. Poem’s … well I haven’t written anything in years. Only cause I can’t find any words lol.

So, after just painting a few days I were about to give up, BUT after getting so many nice comments, I think I will keep on trying! My friends inspired me to keep on!! I’m still a bit mad on myself why I seem to give up so easy if I don’t get things the way I want it right away? Very annoying side of myself that I for sure need to work on!

Positive thought of the day… I’m thankful to have supportive friends!


4 thoughts on “Started to paint!

  1. Well .. what can I say, since I am exactly the same way! It’s a miracle that I’m still taking photos. Yesterday, I saw some guy’s page with really good wildlife photos, and then I got that attack again; ‘Why don’t I just GIVE UP?!’ But now, that I’m aware of this, and also DON’T want to give up the camera, I’ve come as far as constantly reminding myself that it isn’t a competition. I’ve also joined again, in order to get back into picture taking again, and they are kind there — not snotty, or overly technical.

    Now, that I’ve watched a few beginners videos about watercolour, I’m even more impressed by your early attempt! I will buy a children’s kit and give it a go…


    1. Reb your photos are FAR much better than mine!! I especially love your animal photos! But I do like all your photos! 🙂

      Good idea that you joined Blipfoto! That’s a way to get back in the flow again. Getting an inspiration!

      I have to remind myself as well that it is NOT a competion and in a way I do not think I am after being the BEST photographer ever or painter for that matters, but I just would love to have something that I could be really good at! Not sure if I am making any sense here…

      I guess I am one of those that can a little of a lot of things but I wish there would be something that I could be really good at.

      Oh yay!!! I am glad that you decided to start to paint as well! I’ve been painting on and off last couple of days and it is indeed relaxing. You just concentrate on what you are doing. Haven
      t even watched tv that much, ha!


  2. Get you a spiral bound book. Just a small one or punch holes in your paper to put ribbon or binders through so you can keep them all together. I think the painting is nice. I don’t think it has to be professional to give you pleasure. I use old journals or date books to draw in. Sometimes I buy a watercolor book and use that. I paint and paste and write sayings and just whatever I feel like. It’s fun and it’s rewarding.


    1. That is a good idea with the spiral bound book or some other kind of book. This time as I wanted to try out first I bought real watercolor papers and they are great as they do not get wrinkled, but they are not cheap! lol


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