Weekend over…

it sure went by fast!!

I woke up “late” today!! around 11,00 in the morning and that is unusual! Well I had been waking up a few times during the night but were able to fall back asleep again.

Finally got some sunshine this morning!! 🙂  Hope it will come back soon again! I am so bored of the grey and cloudy weather we have had so much lately…

Been painting some more today. I’ve kind of got a painting-bug at the moment lol. Have different ideas of what I want to paint. It is good ideas in my head but not so easy to get on the paper!

Just looked at the computer clock and it is over midnight. Better get to bed as it is up early tomorrow again!

Positive thought of the day… loved the sunny morning!


3 thoughts on “Weekend over…

  1. Good! …that you could sleep!
    I’ve been watching lots of videos about the watercolour painting now. Tomorrow, the weather’s supposed to get really awful, so we won’t go out, but Tuesday I’ll probably go and buy a kit 🙂 Feels like it’s going to be fun now, when I’ve watched all this…


    1. It’s been blowing stormy winds here today. Not been snowing though but snow has still been blowing around!

      Mom and me actually took a taxi to the store today as it was too stormy!

      Oh yay!! Can’t wait to see what your paintings will look like!! 🙂


  2. CC / Jo, jag hÃ¥ller koll pÃ¥ dig Pia. Även vi äter LCHF men sonen fuskar tyvärr. Han vill nog vara toigÃrnn¥. Märker direkt pÃ¥ honom om han ätit nÃ¥got skräp och det tycker han inte om.


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