Exercise… what?

I’ve wanted to lose weight for years now!! And I have lost some but then I gain some… and more! Been like a yoyo and that is so not good! This year I just HAVE to do something or else I am sure it will never be done!

I realized just today that it is soon February and I have not yet started with any kind of exercising! I wanted to go back to walking and also do some Zumba. I do KNOW as soon as I just get started, it will all be good. The other year when I walked a lot, I just wanted to go out and walk every day or else I really missed it! It is just to get started that is the hard part!

I do have to say that I have been distracted with things, like organizing my photos and songs and now I got into painting which I can sit with for hours! Just have to organize myself so I can have the time to do it all!

Been a stormy day today, so it was for sure no walking weather! It’s still windy out there… and it is over midnight when I type this.

Positive thought for the day…. Painting is so relaxing!


4 thoughts on “Exercise… what?

  1. Yeah, I know … I’m in the same situation. It’s all about will-power, and usually I’m good at that, but then again … there’s the weather. In my case, I want to walk. That’s my thing, that I find easiest, but now with the ice, rain, wind and whatnot … it just won’t happen. My diet is alright … nothing more to do there, so it’s all about moving. I know all about ‘det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder’ blah blah blah!!! I don’t agree.


    1. Will-power can be tricky!! Oh and YES the weather is also a factor why I am not exercising so much with walks… I am afraid to slip on ice or it is simply too cold to be out there for a longer time…

      Well I certainly have to work on my diet AND move as well…


  2. If I don’t do it in the morning I usually don’t do it. I have found an exercise I love and I walk when the weather is nice. I love to paint. That is anything from pictures to furniture. I just ordered some paint today and plan on renovating some things. I take the evening when I am sitting to do my painting or just anything artful.


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