January gone!

It is actually already February 2014 where I am at… January was just flying by… and I assume this month will fly by even faster.

We got more snow today, so I’ve been shoveling a little. Or I should say I’ve been using the broom.

Took a walk down to the grocery store, and ran into my Dad in the store. Lucky me I had a ride home! I had bought some heavy things so… But first he took me to that same cafe that we always go to and we always take the same thing lol. He has a cup of coffee and apple pie with vanilla cream sauce. I have blueberry and raspberry pie with vanilla cream sauce and a soda. yum!

We had a nice conversation as usual. I told him I have started to paint a little, and he told me about different ways to paint. My Dad has been painting some paintings when I was younger. What I didn’t know, that I found out today, was that he actually had been taking some art classes way back and he had plans to build an art studio next to the house he lives in now. It was supposed to be a double garage with a studio above it. But he never got to do it for some reason…

I told him he could start to paint again now. He’s been retired for many many years. But he is too busy!! LOL He is always up to something! Flying planes is one of them. Sometimes I forgot how old my Dad is. He’ll be 80 in October but he seem to be so much younger, and I DO believe it is cause he is always busy with things. He is staying active!

I’ve been painting some more, and I do like it a lot so this is for sure something I will continue with. I think I will try acrylic colors too some time!

Positive thought for today… it’s never too late to learn something new!


2 thoughts on “January gone!

  1. Wonderful post, Mona! I agree … it’s probably because he’s staying so active! And, that he’s healthy, of course. G. is two years younger, and he’s constantly learning too, and so do I. Well, I have to, obviously … learn new words, even though it’s been quite some time now.

    I’d be interested in trying acrylic too. Wish there was somewhere one could try, without buying a lot of stuff LOL



    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my post! 🙂

      I guess we all do learn something new as long as we live! 😉

      Oh I agree! Were thinking maybe if some kind of class but then you STILL have to buy your own material ha!

      I want to try acrylic too! Kramis!!


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