Life can change from one day to another…

Still having this bad cold/flu thing and it sure has taken it’s toll on my body… Hopefully the worse has been and from now on I am on my way to recover?

However I am not feeling so well mentally… Got the news today that my Dad had been to the Doctor and just been taking some routine bloodtests. And the Doctor didn’t like the test so he sent him to the hospital for more tests. They are 90% sure that he has something called chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL)… But he need to meet a specialist and take a few more tests.

The good news is that if it IS this illness it must be in a very early stage as he is not feeling ill in any way. It’s an incurable disease but if he got the slow growing version he can live a “normal” life for many many years. I hope!! He will be 80 years old in October.


Sick and playing with Painter x3

Image rose

Started to feel something in my body yesterday and sure enough I must have had fever in the night cause I were sweating away. Today I have an aching body, sore throat and an annoying cough! It’s so typical to get sick just now! Son is off school this week, and it is really warm outside for the season. Been around  10°C! I had plans to take long walks, but instead I am stuck inside. Oh well, it is what it is!

I finally got the Painter x3 to work! Tried to download and install it this morning again and as I said, now it is working! The picture above is an example what you can do with this program. It is fun, but sure is a lot to learn unless you use the auto-things, that I used on this one! So I got this program on trial for 30 days, and I will play with it daily and see what I come up with. But I won’t buy it when the trial is done. Far too expensive!

Busy week

Been a really busy week for me, with several meetings, busrides, and yesterday son had a Doctor appointment. Yesterday evening I were DRAINED lol. I knew I would be at the begining of this week.

Good thing with this busy week, I had to walk… a LOT and I already noticed today when I went grocery shopping that I was not huffing and puffing as bad when I walked up-hill!

Or maybe it is just my imagination, cause it’s only been like 3 days with ” exercise “. But anyway, I will keep this up! If I can’t walk outside for different reasons,  I WILL start to dance Zumba again, or do something else  inside as I do not want to be a couch potato!!

Heard that really nice weather is on the way, and warmer too! That is great, as son is off school next week! Maybe we will take long walks together then as he do like to walk. It’s a pity that there is one appointment that is booked next week as it would have been nice to have the whole week free, but it will have to do!

Haven’t been painting in a few days. Can’t paint every day cause the paper and/or canvas cost some too. Besides I am waiting for an idea to come up in my head on something I would like to paint. I am sure it won’t be long though until I paint something.

Oh, speaking of painting I saw this painting program from Corel that I would LOVE to have but oh boy!!! It is so expensive!!! I can’t use so much money on a program when I have more important things my money have to go to…  But I MIGHT try the trial for 30 days lol  Just would like to try it out. The program is Corel Paint X3 and it costs almost 4,000 Swedish crowns!!! Insane!

This and that…

Well this weekend is over and a busy week ahead is waiting for me, with meetings and son got a Doc appointment as well. I am pretty sure I will feel it in my body when this week’s over. Good thing school is off next week! lol

Saw a friend of mine post this over at FaceBook…

8  Things to avoid to be happy

1. Avoid the need to always be right!

Whenever you feel the urge to jump into a fight with someone, ask yourself this question: “Would I rather be right or would I rather be kind?” Wayne Dyer.  ( I do not think I have ever had the need to ALWAYS be right, so I do not really have a problem with this one.)

2. Avoid Complaining!

You have to understand that nothing in the world can make you unhappy unless you allow it to. Talking about it and complaining will only keep it in your mind and will help you stay miserable. Let go. ( This is something I have been working a lot on, and even though I still have my moments when I DO complain, I think it is not often at all.)

3. Avoid Blame!

4. Give up on the need to put the blame on others for what you do and don’t do or for how you feel. Start taking responsibility for your life and actions, that’s when you can really learn from your mistakes. ( Oh I hardly ever blame others, it’s the opposite! I blame myself for a lot of things, and blaming myself too much isn’t good either!)

5. Avoid Social Networks!

Stop spending most of your life on Facebook or Twitter or any other social crap. Instead, take that time to find new passions that will nurture you. ( I could never stop complitely to be on FaceBook, unless it goes down lol. But I am not addicted to it like I used to be! I have got other passions! Like painting and singing!)

6. Avoid Negativity!

Stop being around negative people, they will only bring you down. Start hanging out with people who appreciate what you do and encourage you to become better. ( I am pretty good with this one too! I have one huge problem though…. as I can not avoid myself LOL!! But working on that too… not being so negative.)

7. Avoid Competing!

You have to realize that the world has enough for everyone. Competing with someone will only distract you from focusing on yourself and achieving your goal. It will make you a hater. ( Another thing I have been working with and still do! Not so much competing but COMPARING.)

8. Avoid the Past!

You have to accept the fact that the present and the future are all that matter. I know it’s hard, especially if you’ve been through some bad stuff before, but letting go is the key to being happy. ( Still working on this but is so much better at letting go than I used to be)

Got my new mic!

Yay I’m a happy camper today, even though I didn’t get much sleep last night, and I have had IBS problems this evening making me feel sick…

BUT back to the good news! Got my mic today that I ordered a few days ago! It arrived much faster than I had expected. And I think I did a great buy as I did get things for FREE in this kit, PLUS a 10 years warranty! Not bad at all!


Will sing my heart out every day now LOL

Positive thought for the day… well of course it has to be my new mic!! Plus I did get a surprise in the mail today from a dear friend. A little something for Valentine!! 🙂


We got some sunshine today!! Ok so it was only in the morning, and then the clouds came back and made it dark and gloomy… But were still glad that I did see that “big yellow lamp” for a while!

Been painting some more lately. It’s fun and I want to learn so… Some paintings I am rather pleased with, others hmmmm LOL  Those that I feel are not so good, I call them children paintings!

Something else I love to do, as you already know as I’ve talked about it before in my blog and those that really know me, knows that I love to sing! Last couple of weeks I noticed that my mic is not working 100% all the time. Sometimes my voice disappears and can only hear the music! And sometimes I hear a crackling sound from the mic as well. I’ve had that mic since 2009 so it has some years!

So today I decided to order a new mic!! Hopefully I’ll be just as happy with it as I was with my old one! Can’t wait until it arrive!! And also keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will go wrong with the delivery or some technical problem… With my luck – that is NONE most of the times lol – it will be something wrong or some piece will be missing so I have to return it or something like that, BUT Noooo I am saying STOP to myself! No such thoughts! I’ll try to stay positive! I AM excited about it! 🙂

Better go to bed now as I am drained and have to get up really early tomorrow. Also have to go on an errand to next town tomorrow. I always get exhausted for some reason after those trips. On the other hand it is good for me to get away as I have to walk a lot too!

Positive thought of the day. I got to see some sunshine in the morning! 🙂

Need some sunshine!

Must be like a week or so since I saw the sun!? This gloomy and cloudy weather is starting to get to me. I AM glad that it is not so cold, but just would love to see some sunshine and brighter days!

Been feeling more tired, grumpy and down last couple of days and I really do believe it is the weather that makes me feel like this, well at least a big part of it.

Today, Sunday, I’ve really had a lazy day. Ate a late breakfast, been in jamas half the day. Mostly been sitting in the sofa watching tv, and NO not The Olympic Games lol. I could care less about the Olympics. I didn’t even go outside the door today! I haven’t been painting anything either but I did sang (recorded) one song that I just learned. Heard it for the first time the other week and really loved it. It is called ” Say something”. A sad but pretty song and with the mood I have had today it was just perfect to sing it. Well I tried lol.

Positive thought of the day, I managed to learn a new song