Another weekend over…

Well it is still like 15 minutes left of this Sunday – when I START to type this… Maybe it is Monday when I am done lol.

Been a rainy day, but I didn’t mind! Took a little walk to the grocery store and it was not as slippery as I thought it would be cause most snow and ice were already gone from the roads! So that is good.

Haven’t done so much today, well I have been singing a few songs and I TRIED to sing a difficult song for me… It is called “Roar” and is done with Katy Perry. I think it is a catchy melody. I thought I sounded FABULOUS actually at the first verse! But then it started to go downhill! LOL  I had to laugh at myself! 😀  But I won’t give up! I AM going to learn that song, but I will sing it in my way! I always do! 

Some people always aim to sing like the original singer but I just do not get that? why?? It is better to have your own style! Make any song your own. Well that is just my opinion and it seem like I am doing something right since I have a lot of listeners that tell me that they like my style!!

I guess I’ve got an “art-bug” as I am now curious to try out acrylic paint as well! It actually look like more fun than watercolors, but I won’t give up that just cause I am curious about acrylic. So I actually ordered some acrylic paint and a canvas as well!! Yay!! Can’t wait for the package to arrive!!

Positive thought of the day… I can laugh at myself! 😉


4 thoughts on “Another weekend over…

  1. Well … true — isn’t that why many artists do ‘covers’?! They make it in their own style. I can’t sing. If I could, I think I’d aim for the ones that suit my ‘range’, I think … meaning, my voice. When I’m alone in the car, driving, I sing along with the country music they play because by now I’ve learnt most of the lyrics by heart. I notice how certain songs seems to ‘fit me’ better than others. Wish I could sing like Marie Fredriksson.

    I’m interested in the acrylic too. We’ll see. I really laughed at myself too, with regards to the watercolour … both G. and I. I felt right away, that this was not for me. No big deal. I’ll try something else.

    LOL @ the actually


    1. Oh I wish I could sing like Marie F too! lol

      Oh yes most of the times I do sing songs that I know fit well with my voice! And I have a couple of songs that I think I nail pretty good!

      But sometimes it is just FUN to try something else, like this pop song. I WILL do it one day LOL

      Yeah it is good to keep trying different things! 🙂


  2. I am impressed with the Japanese arte8thcc&#i217;s ability to convince clients to accept such kooky designs. Not that they aren’t supremely well realized if one can deduce from photos.


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