Oh what a long day it’s been! Didn’t sleep well last night, nerves and upset stomach were bothering me… I had a dentist appointment this morning. It was only a checkup but still I were so nervous.  But no matter how bad I felt I made up my mind to go! Cause I do know all to well what can happen if you don’t see your dentist at least once a year!


And what do you know I had a tiny cavity in one of my front teeth. And it was fixed in a few minutes! I felt so relieved afterwards! 🙂 Just think if I had cancelled my appointment and waited, then it could have ended with a toothache!

Treated myself with my fave pie after that! mmm

Not been doing so much else, well been singing a few songs and watched tv. Almost fell asleep in front of the tv lol. It has taken it’s toll with lack of sleep from last night and being nervous and tense. Hopefully I’ll sleep like a baby tonight!

Positive thought of the day… I faced my fears and did great! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Drained!

  1. While you’re in editing mode, and have the picture in the post: click on it once, two icons will show, click on the left one …not the red. Then you choose 60%, align left or right ..whatever.

    Looks like a hospital almost.

    Good that you went! Feels good afterwards, huh, when all the tension leaves your body. One gets tired in a nice way.

    I go two times a year, but that’s because I have such a problem with tartar build-up. On top of that, I smoke, so I really like to have them cleaned. But I don’t have a problem going there, so that’s no big deal. They’re nice and kind there. My dentist had been to Sweden once, playing hockey LOL


    1. Thanks for the help! Will fix it now!!

      It is “funny” that you say it looks like a hospital cause it actually are called “Agea Dental – medicinsk tandvård” and just over the road lays Danderyds Hospital 😉

      I had some tartar too that he cleaned up!

      LOL well I guess he didn’t see much of Sweden then! A hockey rink 😛


  2. Hey, sorry again that we didn’t make it! I am still fighting this gar8bge&#a230;I think I was poisoned …planning to be back out either late this month or early May, so we can try again. Nice accomplishment on the 2nd Place finish, no do that again on a big payout!


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