Like turning a page in a book…

I had an ok start of the day, my neck were a little sore when I woke up so I thought I probably had been sleeping in a bad position. But other than that I felt ok this morning. So I decided to go shopping in next town, just because. Find some more “painting stuff”!

When I got home I felt a bit tired but you can feel like that when you have been traveling so I didn’t think of it, but I hadn’t been home long until I REALLY felt tired. Sat by the computer just a short while and then I had to go and lay down on the bed! And I had a short nap! That is so unusual for me as I never nap!

And oh when I woke up, I suddenly felt really weird and sick!! Had the chills big time!! And then my stomach got upset… I have felt weird all evening. Didn’t really eat anything for dinner, but managed to cook something for son. I just think it is strange how fast it came over me, almost from one minute to another! Like turning a page in the book…

Stomach is still a bit upset but not as bad as earlier. Will see if I can get any sleep tonight though. Not freezing at the moment, the opposite, sweating!! And my neck is still a little sore.

Have no idea what kind of bug this is but I guess it will show. Maybe it really is just my IBS behaving really bad, but somehow it feels like it is something else.

Hopefully I will be able to turn another page and feel good again, fast!

Positive thought of the day, I got myself a Painting Easel Stand!! šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Like turning a page in a book…

  1. Gawd, I must be so lucky … I realise when I read this, or I have a great immune defence — I’m hardly ever sick. Haven’t felt that awful feeling you describe, in ages.

    Will be fun to see what comes out from that easel! šŸ™‚


      1. I could understand it while I was working, as I was exposed all the time, to all the kids with the green snot slinging out their noses … was never sick then! But now … guess I’m doing something right. No vitamins here.


      2. I think a big deal why I have to eat vitamins is cause of my chronic illness… I mean a lot of times the food just goes right through me… which means my body won’t be able to absorbe all the vitamins I could get naturally


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