Need some sunshine!

Must be like a week or so since I saw the sun!? This gloomy and cloudy weather is starting to get to me. I AM glad that it is not so cold, but just would love to see some sunshine and brighter days!

Been feeling more tired, grumpy and down last couple of days and I really do believe it is the weather that makes me feel like this, well at least a big part of it.

Today, Sunday, I’ve really had a lazy day. Ate a late breakfast, been in jamas half the day. Mostly been sitting in the sofa watching tv, and NO not The Olympic Games lol. I could care less about the Olympics. I didn’t even go outside the door today! I haven’t been painting anything either but I did sang (recorded) one song that I just learned. Heard it for the first time the other week and really loved it. It is called ” Say something”. A sad but pretty song and with the mood I have had today it was just perfect to sing it. Well I tried lol.

Positive thought of the day, I managed to learn a new song


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