We got some sunshine today!! Ok so it was only in the morning, and then the clouds came back and made it dark and gloomy… But were still glad that I did see that “big yellow lamp” for a while!

Been painting some more lately. It’s fun and I want to learn so… Some paintings I am rather pleased with, others hmmmm LOL  Those that I feel are not so good, I call them children paintings!

Something else I love to do, as you already know as I’ve talked about it before in my blog and those that really know me, knows that I love to sing! Last couple of weeks I noticed that my mic is not working 100% all the time. Sometimes my voice disappears and can only hear the music! And sometimes I hear a crackling sound from the mic as well. I’ve had that mic since 2009 so it has some years!

So today I decided to order a new mic!! Hopefully I’ll be just as happy with it as I was with my old one! Can’t wait until it arrive!! And also keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will go wrong with the delivery or some technical problem… With my luck – that is NONE most of the times lol – it will be something wrong or some piece will be missing so I have to return it or something like that, BUT Noooo I am saying STOP to myself! No such thoughts! I’ll try to stay positive! I AM excited about it! 🙂

Better go to bed now as I am drained and have to get up really early tomorrow. Also have to go on an errand to next town tomorrow. I always get exhausted for some reason after those trips. On the other hand it is good for me to get away as I have to walk a lot too!

Positive thought of the day. I got to see some sunshine in the morning! 🙂


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