Busy week

Been a really busy week for me, with several meetings, busrides, and yesterday son had a Doctor appointment. Yesterday evening I were DRAINED lol. I knew I would be at the begining of this week.

Good thing with this busy week, I had to walk… a LOT and I already noticed today when I went grocery shopping that I was not huffing and puffing as bad when I walked up-hill!

Or maybe it is just my imagination, cause it’s only been like 3 days with ” exercise “. But anyway, I will keep this up! If I can’t walk outside for different reasons,  I WILL start to dance Zumba again, or do something else  inside as I do not want to be a couch potato!!

Heard that really nice weather is on the way, and warmer too! That is great, as son is off school next week! Maybe we will take long walks together then as he do like to walk. It’s a pity that there is one appointment that is booked next week as it would have been nice to have the whole week free, but it will have to do!

Haven’t been painting in a few days. Can’t paint every day cause the paper and/or canvas cost some too. Besides I am waiting for an idea to come up in my head on something I would like to paint. I am sure it won’t be long though until I paint something.

Oh, speaking of painting I saw this painting program from Corel that I would LOVE to have but oh boy!!! It is so expensive!!! I can’t use so much money on a program when I have more important things my money have to go to…  But I MIGHT try the trial for 30 days lol  Just would like to try it out. The program is Corel Paint X3 and it costs almost 4,000 Swedish crowns!!! Insane!


7 thoughts on “Busy week

  1. Good to keep oneself busy … not so much time to think LOL

    Will check out that Corel programme. I think all of them are priced insanely. Now, Photoshop has changed, so you can’t go out [or online] and BUY it in a box … it’s somehow web based, and you’d have to pay per month … forever! Imagine that! They really know how to suck the blood out of their users.


    1. I bought my Corel Paintshop Pro X5 from an online shop, I think it was Dustin and I have seen that they have this Painter program too and you can buy it on credit… will see, I still think it is way too much money for a program. Would maybe be different if I had a profession where I used this program.

      I might get the trial though as I am curious to see how it works. Must be one of a heck of a program to be that expensive?

      Oh I would NEVER buy something that I had to pay per month like for forever… No way no how LOL


      1. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it…

        I remember feeling that PSP became more oriented towards PHOTO editing. I’m more into creating graphics..

        No way I’ll pay! My motto is:«If it’s FREE, it’s for ME!»


      2. Yes PSP is more towards photo editing these days but you can still use it to create graphics.

        Well I think it was not supposed to be for me to try out that Painter program…. been trying and trying to install the trial but it only keeps to go round and round, if I am making sense. When I have installed it all and click on finish. Nothing happens, although I do get an icon on my desktop. When I click the icon… it starts to install AGAIN! arrrghhh. I just gave up! Don’t know what’s wrong and I am too tired to figure it out right now. Been trying for hours… Bah


      3. Hmmm… wonder why that might be?! the icon must be just for the installation programme. Do you get a choice during the installation about 64bits vs. 32bits? That’s usually important.


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