Sick and playing with Painter x3

Image rose

Started to feel something in my body yesterday and sure enough I must have had fever in the night cause I were sweating away. Today I have an aching body, sore throat and an annoying cough! It’s so typical to get sick just now! Son is off school this week, and it is really warm outside for the season. Been around  10°C! I had plans to take long walks, but instead I am stuck inside. Oh well, it is what it is!

I finally got the Painter x3 to work! Tried to download and install it this morning again and as I said, now it is working! The picture above is an example what you can do with this program. It is fun, but sure is a lot to learn unless you use the auto-things, that I used on this one! So I got this program on trial for 30 days, and I will play with it daily and see what I come up with. But I won’t buy it when the trial is done. Far too expensive!


2 thoughts on “Sick and playing with Painter x3

  1. Me too … got a cold AGAIN! Wasn’t even really free of the previous one. I, who have been bragging about my immune defence! Perhaps it came back to bite me in the tail LOL. I feel lousy, to say the least.

    Now that I’ve looked at that programme, I really want to try it. Will wait until they make it available for my OS [Mavericks].

    Did I tell you it was Kr 2.400 Kr when I looked at it?! …not Kr 4.000! Still, a lot of money..


    1. Oh nooo! Sorry about the cold! So we’re both feeling lousy… Hopefully this shall pass SOON, for the both of us!

      At least I am enjoying myself with this program, just trying out different things with my photos.

      I have seen they have some upgrades that is cheaper… so I guess it is for those that for example have Painter 12… But yes, 2,400 is still a lot of money. My Paint Shop Pro x5 I got for about 800 and that is ok!


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