Life can change from one day to another…

Still having this bad cold/flu thing and it sure has taken it’s toll on my body… Hopefully the worse has been and from now on I am on my way to recover?

However I am not feeling so well mentally… Got the news today that my Dad had been to the Doctor and just been taking some routine bloodtests. And the Doctor didn’t like the test so he sent him to the hospital for more tests. They are 90% sure that he has something called chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL)… But he need to meet a specialist and take a few more tests.

The good news is that if it IS this illness it must be in a very early stage as he is not feeling ill in any way. It’s an incurable disease but if he got the slow growing version he can live a “normal” life for many many years. I hope!! He will be 80 years old in October.


4 thoughts on “Life can change from one day to another…

  1. Oh dear! No matter how old you are, that’s not the news anyone wishes for. Somehow … even though I know nothing … I have the impression that your father is a positive soul. That’s just a feeling I have, and I’m pretty sure he’ll approach this by doing the best possible of every day. News like that sure puts everything in a perspective, huh…


    1. Yes news like this for SURE puts everything in a perspective!

      I am sure my Dad will try to do the best possible of every day. But I could tell on his voice when I spoke to him on the phone that he was really taken and who wouldn’t be after hearing something like that?

      Hopefully it will take many years before he really do get sick! That is what I will wish and hope for! 🙂


  2. So sorry you have had this bad news. I hope all will be ok and agree with what Reb has said. Also hope this cold leaves you soon


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