Life on hold…

Well that is how it feels like!  I’ve had this bad cold/flu for over 2 weeks. I AM much better, almost well. But still not 100 %. 

And this evening I started to feel bad in my stomach too… I think it might have been the corn I had for dinner. Some times eating corn do me nothing, while other times it makes me feel real  sick. That’s how the IBS works, for me at least.

Son has been sick for a week now and he’s far from getting well. Been a bit worried about him, as he get easily asthma when he get a bad cold.

Luckily I still have his aiolos-machine that we got when he was a small child and I even had medication that were not old! Haven’t used that machine for many years and I had hoped for to never ever use it again. Just pure luck that I hadn’t thrown it away! Cause I have thought about it a while ago.

Really hope he get so much better SOON!

So my life has really been on a hold for 2 weeks. Haven’t had the strength or inspiration to do a lot. I haven’t been outside for a long time! Well except for walking a few steps to the mail-box.

Haven’t been painting anything, but I have played a little with that Painter program. And the other day I could also sing again! I am still a bit out of breath but I can manage to sing a little at least.

Now I wait for both me and son to get 100 % well as soon as possible. Spring is on the way!! I want to enjoy it. Even though they have said that this year we will get a lot of birch-pollen… oh yay!  Hummmm… But at least I can prepare myself for that with medication! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Life on hold…

  1. Yeah, it’s tiresome with those colds! I don’t like it when I stay inside — I want to get out at least once a day, because I feel it’s good for the mind. Otherwise all my thoughts easily get directed inwards instead of out. I don’t like to dwell on myself.

    Get well soon!


    1. Oh believe me I do not like to stay inside either! But I really haven’t had any strength to get out and I also have son home that is very sick, and even though he is a grown up I still do not feel comfortable to leave home when he is feverish and got asthma…

      Hey Reb, I think you like my new background/theme 😉 I changed it yesterday when I did this post! Thought it was time to let go of the winter theme!


      1. *OMG* !!! I love it just as much as I did then!!!! When I fall for something like this, I never forget … It’s so soft and lovely. It’s a good thing we save these things!


  2. Do you remember another image you made … it wasn’t a background, it was just a graphic. It was a plate [djuptallrik], and I think it had some berries in it … or possibly flower, I’m not sure now … but it was lovely!


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