Feeling better!

So I am feeling MUCH better from that bug that has bother me for 3 weeks! I just have a little cough once in a while but other than that I feel like myself again, and that is good!

Went out for the first time in weeks today as well. It was sunny but chilly. But I loved it! Was so refreshing and to get out of the house! I’ve felt like a prisoner lately.

Some years ago I joined this group where you can get connected with old school friends and friends and family too for that matters but I think it is first for connecting with old classmates.

Anyway,  the other day I had got an email that someone from my old class had left a comment about how he remember me from school. And he had described me with one word…. “Pretty”!! What!! LOL  I hardly remember this guy and I so do NOT see me as pretty in school. I was shy and far from being popular. I didn’t wear the latest clothes or wore make up. So that was a surprise lol.

Just had a nice chat with my friend Reb  🙂   And time sure flies by fast when you are having a good time. It is LATE 1,33 in the night, so time to say night night!


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