Stuck inside…

This year the pollen season indeed started with an explosion!! I’ve heard a LOT of people suffer, medications doesn’t work! It is just TOO much of them darn pollen. After having some tough days with pollen, my Mom were kind to help me out today with the shopping. Been staying inside all day – except for 2 minutes when I got the mail lol.

Stomach hasn’t been well either. I guess my allergies has made me ” weaker ” in my system and then my IBS arrives like a mail… I can only hope that I lose some kilos from this! LOL!! In that way something positive comes out of this!

So anyway, I am stuck inside for the moment! Been doing some more painting. Some are ok, some goes in to the bin .. but today I made a painting that I really like actually. Ok, so I had a little help from a tree-stencil. But that was just the shape! I painted everything else and did the highlights on the tree and so on.

I take photos on some of my paintings, and then I continue playing with the painting in my Painsthop programs! Then the painting can get more interesting! This is what I did today, the tree painting with some added effects from Painthop!



2 thoughts on “Stuck inside…

  1. Hey … that’s a pretty good idea! To take a photo of them and then do them in Paintshop! I hope you’re having fun with this! I like the image here, nice colours.

    Must be awful to have allergies! The only comfort would be that at least it’s a limited time of year..


    1. Yes I am having fun with it! 😀

      It is like I keep painting, only digital 😉

      Yes it is just the birch pollen that bothers me big time. I can feel a little from grass and mugwort ( gråbo, nu har jag lärt mig ett nytt ord LOL ) but I can be outside!


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