Lovely season!

Just love this time when all the fruit trees are in bloom!! So pretty flowers. And this has to be my all time fave tree of all! The Crab Apple Tree!! Just love it!!





I had no idea, until I just logged on and got this message from WordPress…



Wow! Can’t believe it was that long ago I signed up!   🙂


I am afraid of a lot of things… like snakes, spiders, whasps, deep water, to fly and so on… A few fears I have got help with, going to therapy some years ago. But there is one fear I can’t get rid of I think… and that is of heights!

My son has regular appointments about every second week. And not so long ago they changed location, and now we have to walk over this bridge, that goes over a road. And to me that is a HIGH bridge! I know I am being silly!! But I honestly have nightmares about this bridge and I even told son maybe we should try and get another way even if it takes a little bit longer. He really could not understand why I am so scared to walk on that bridge LOL

But so far I HAVE been walking over it… even though it feels like my heart is up in the throat. My sweet son let me hold his arm too and lead me the way. We only have to go there one more time as son will be done with these appointments… so that feels good at least!!

Just hope the bridge won’t break that very last time I am ever going to walk over it!!  LOL

Here it is… It doesn’t look so bad on the pic but believe me it is high! Borrowed the pic from Googles maps.


Look up

Saw this video on FaceBook this morning and I agree that we SHOULD take the time to look up! I too have many friends and family online and yet some days I can feel so lonely…

Many years ago I were truly addicted to be online. I still love it BUT I think I have found a balance! I am not online by far as much as I used to be. I take breaks during the day and spend my time in the “real world”.

I wouldn’t want to be without the internet all together! Cause I learn so much new every day. And without it I couldn’t have got many friends from all the world and get to know new cultures and so on. That is just a few reasons why I think it is good! There are so many more reasons.

So internet is great!! With a great balance with staying in the real world as well! 🙂