Look up

Saw this video on FaceBook this morning and I agree that we SHOULD take the time to look up! I too have many friends and family online and yet some days I can feel so lonely…

Many years ago I were truly addicted to be online. I still love it BUT I think I have found a balance! I am not online by far as much as I used to be. I take breaks during the day and spend my time in the “real world”.

I wouldn’t want to be without the internet all together! Cause I learn so much new every day. And without it I couldn’t have got many friends from all the world and get to know new cultures and so on. That is just a few reasons why I think it is good! There are so many more reasons.

So internet is great!! With a great balance with staying in the real world as well! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Look up

  1. I deactivated my account at facebook for awhile. It was mainly because of what my daughter has been going through and I am connected to some of his relatives but it has been kind of nice not to be tied to it. I don’t like to look up. All I see in the house are cob webs I can’t reach. lol


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