Well it has not been much of a summer yet, some warm days but for the most part cold, grey and rainy. It could be a LITTLE warmer but not too much, cause then the heat will be back inside as well!

Son graduated school a few weeks ago, and now we’re just having a long summer vacation! But weeks is sure flying by fast!!

I’ve started to read books again, as I already wrote about earlier in this blog… And I am about to finish my second book! I already bought a third lol.

Been singing some too, but not as much. Not been feeling so well lately, and also been too tired to sing. Get a kind of “lame” voice when you are drained lol.

Also been painting some and I got really happy with this one! It is nit the original painting cause I have played with my original painting on the computer and really like how this came out!


Found a woman on Youtube that gives out easy and great tutorials! So it is real fun to paint! 🙂

Since weather been a bit blah and I have not been so well, son and me haven’t done any daily trips yet. But I’m sure it’ll come!!


Royal families

Been watching princess Leonores baptism today. Her parents are Princess Madeleine and Chris O’neill. Such a cute little baby! And her cousin Estelle were so cute as well!

I always try to watch these Royal events when ever I get a chance. Why? Cause I think it is interesting! And I do not just watch the Swedish Royal families events. I did watch when Princess Di and Charles got married… and I watched her funeral as well… 😦  Will admit that I cried a little. Was so sad to see her young boys walking behind the coffin…

Also seen a couple of other Royal weddings!  It’s just something that is nice to be able to “peak in” to their lives a little.

I know a lot of people have no interest what so ever, and some even want to get rid of the Monarchy and want a President in our country instead! How boring!!! I really hope that won’t happen!

Guess next time will be our Prince’s wedding!? If he decides to get married that is! LOL


Were in the grocery store today, shopping away and on my way to pay my groceries I went by this shelf where they have DVD’s and… books!

Now I haven’t been reading any books in AGES!!  Everytime I have tried, I just read the same page over and over and then I get too tired or too bored.

But for some reason this book caught my attention!! The title and the book cover looked interesting, so I had to read on the back what it was about. Well, I ended up buying the book! LOL   Will see if I am able to finish it this summer! One thing I have learned is to NOT read in bed before going to sleep… it just doesn’t work for me! Have to find other times to read. 🙂