Were in the grocery store today, shopping away and on my way to pay my groceries I went by this shelf where they have DVD’s and… books!

Now I haven’t been reading any books in AGES!!  Everytime I have tried, I just read the same page over and over and then I get too tired or too bored.

But for some reason this book caught my attention!! The title and the book cover looked interesting, so I had to read on the back what it was about. Well, I ended up buying the book! LOL   Will see if I am able to finish it this summer! One thing I have learned is to NOT read in bed before going to sleep… it just doesn’t work for me! Have to find other times to read. 🙂




One thought on “Woot!?

  1. And today I finished the book! So it didn’t take THAT long. It’s a pity I didn’t know it is a serie, cause it’s been one book before this one and it is another one on the making, that will be released in thew spring of 2015. It was a good book, but like I said, wish I had known it was a serie of books. I prefer to read a book and when it is finished it is finished! Not sure if I will read the next book, but who knows, I might! LOL

    I WILL buy a new book soon! 🙂 Should have a new book to read today since it is a rainy day…


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