Royal families

Been watching princess Leonores baptism today. Her parents are Princess Madeleine and Chris O’neill. Such a cute little baby! And her cousin Estelle were so cute as well!

I always try to watch these Royal events when ever I get a chance. Why? Cause I think it is interesting! And I do not just watch the Swedish Royal families events. I did watch when Princess Di and Charles got married… and I watched her funeral as well… 😦  Will admit that I cried a little. Was so sad to see her young boys walking behind the coffin…

Also seen a couple of other Royal weddings!  It’s just something that is nice to be able to “peak in” to their lives a little.

I know a lot of people have no interest what so ever, and some even want to get rid of the Monarchy and want a President in our country instead! How boring!!! I really hope that won’t happen!

Guess next time will be our Prince’s wedding!? If he decides to get married that is! LOL


9 thoughts on “Royal families

  1. I agree! Didn’t watch the baptism but I watched them getting married, Victoria and Daniel too. I watch all I can. When our King and Queen got married, I’d taken the day off work. Diana’s funeral, I cried so much, so I almost thought I’d have a breakdown. After her brother’s speech, and Elton John’s song, I had to go outside.


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