I made it…

… to The American Car Show! And boy was it a LOT of cars!!! And people…. I enjoyed the live music!

Weather was great, sunny and not too hot! I managed to go around watching cars at least for a couple of hours, and still I didn’t see them all. My legs and head got tired after a couple of hours so then I was satisfied with the photos I had taken and went home again ( after a stop at the Mc Donalds to get me something to eat and drink! )




So now summer arrived for sure… Been a heatwave the last couple of days and it will continue for a couple more days.

Yesterday I honestly thought I would pass out! It was disgusting! So hot inside! It didn’t help really to have windows and patio door open! yuk!

Today it is a nice breeze outside, so that is a huge difference! But it is still a little hot inside. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay cool! I might have to take a cold shower lol.

Been planing for several years to go and see “The American Car Show” in next town but every year something has come up, bad weather or not feeling well. This year I WANT to go but now this hot weather might be in the way… Hope it gets cooler until it is Saturday. We shall see!!