So now summer arrived for sure… Been a heatwave the last couple of days and it will continue for a couple more days.

Yesterday I honestly thought I would pass out! It was disgusting! So hot inside! It didn’t help really to have windows and patio door open! yuk!

Today it is a nice breeze outside, so that is a huge difference! But it is still a little hot inside. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay cool! I might have to take a cold shower lol.

Been planing for several years to go and see “The American Car Show” in next town but every year something has come up, bad weather or not feeling well. This year I WANT to go but now this hot weather might be in the way… Hope it gets cooler until it is Saturday. We shall see!!


5 thoughts on “Heatwave…

      1. I love that when it gets a little chilly. I just saw a saying on pinterest it was so funny. I like to have something over me. Just a cover. Maybe it makes me feel safe. The saying went something like, the monster creeps into the room and is going to grab her but OH SHOOT! she’s safe! She is covered up. lol


  1. Damn Daniel, perhaps it's time to cull the herd of Leftists, Kill the head so the body dies so to speak. I agree. it's time to step up. What nature those actions might include, one can only surmise. Perhaps a selective sinutlameous culling of the most vocal and prominent. Perhaps this would ignite a malestorm of indignation, once others see someone had the stones to take action.


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