End of the long “vacation”…

Not much left of August, and not much left of this long time off me and son have had this summer. Soon it is time for him to start a new phase in his life. He do not seem to be nervous – at the moment. But I have a feeling he is a bit in denial right now. He do not want to think about it really. He just lives for the moment, and that is good in a way. But he also need to be prepared!

I am nervous though. But I am not showing it of course! I have become a great actress he! I just hope that everything will work out well and that he will like it there! I know I shouldn’t worry too much but it is easier said and done! Just have to remember that if he absolutely not like it there, there is other places he can try out.

Haven’t got any schedule yet so I am not sure what time he start – will of course find that out soon! But anyway, I am sure we do not have to get up at 6 am at least, like we had to do before when he went to school. Then he had to travel by bus to next town, so that is why he had to get up early. Now he will be in our town and it is like 5 – 8 minutes walking there? A huge difference!

School starts this Thursday ( tomorrow ) and son said it is a strange feeling that he won’t go there this year! I can imagine, he started school when he was 7 and ended at 20! So no wonder that is a strange feeling to see many around – including cousins – getting prepared for school while he is not.

It is much cooler weather outside now. And I can feel a little more energy than before when it was hot! That is good!


Mini Christmas!

That is what it felt like this morning when I went to pick up a package from the book-club I recently joined.

As a new member I got to pick 2 books for 5,52 us Dollars and a red cabin bag for free! Really nice bag! Wonder when I will be able to use it LOL

One of the books is a book about Digital Photography so that will be interesting to read and see if I can learn something new!