September 14th 2014…

… was a really special day in two ways!

First, I hadn’t been traveling to our Capital Stockholm for MANY years… due to anxiety. I simply were not able to go by bus or subway for many years… It is different than taken the bus to next town as it is only 20 minutes away. I have got used to that ride. But to take the bus into Stockholm takes almost an hour and then it is common to take the subway around town.

But on Sunday I finally jumped on the bus and also took the subway in town and it all went just well! A huge victory for me! 😀 I can imagine those that never suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, they might think well taking the bus is no big deal. But it has been for me!

Secondly. I finally got to meet my friend Rebekah that I have known since 2006!! I got to know her at Y360, a blog site that Yahoo used to have.

Will admit that I was a little nervous before I got there, but mostly excited! And she was no different in real life than from what she is online!! 🙂  What a great day it was!! I truly enjoyed it a lot!!  I had been so excited the night before and were afraid that I wouldn’t wake up in time so I would miss the bus, so I think I only slept 2 hours!! Something I had to pay for later in the day!

We took a long walk around Stockholm, took a lot of photos, had lunch and during all this time we talked of course! We were both rather tired in the afternoon, especially in the legs/feets, but I also were really dizzy and tired in the head too after lack of sleep! I think if I suddenly hadn’t got really tired I probably would have been able to stay 1 or 2 hours more, but she was also exhausted so we decided to say our goodbyes.

Now when I think about it, I think it went too fast with the goodbyes! My fault! And I am sorry my dear friend if you thought I rushed away! You see, it is something I have a difficult time with… and that is to say goodbye. I get very sentimental for some reason lol. That is actually why I never want to say bye really… I rather prefer “see you!”

So if that made you wonder…. why I left in such a hurry, that is why!

I think we spent at least 5 and a half hour together! And time just flew by! And now you are sitting at the airport waiting to get back home to Canada. Wish you a safe and nice trip back home!




… is here! Been a bit cloudy this first day in September but did see the sun a little here and there. Will get better weather on Wednesday and Thursday I have heard. But as usual, it is just to wait and see! Nature is nature.

Son has yet not started on the Daily Activities program. We’ll have another appointment tomorrow and I guess we’ll find out more then about the schedule and when he can start. He will be called a “worker” even though it is not really a work. It is more a place where they are doing hobbies. It will be interesting to see how he will get along with them all… Hopefully he’ll like it. If not, well then we have to find something else.

I know I will sound like a broken record now, but I do not care! I’ve been so tired lately and no wonder. I do not sleep well at all lately. Takes like forever until I fall asleep, and when I finally do I wake up every other hour. ugh!

Maybe everything will fall into place, when we get in to some kind of routine again? I mean if we have to start to get up rather early again I might be really tired in the evenings. Also I will start to exercise a lot more again. Everything was kind of on a hold this summer cause of the heat. Now I got my treadmill. I also have my Zumba DVD’s that I can use and most of all I will try to get OUT and walk a bit more now when it will be so much nicer outside – no heat.

Hopefully I’ll start to sleep better soon, and what I hope for too is to lose some weight! That would be great!