Thought I would write something here, as it’s been a while. October came and went, and today it’s the first day in November!

I have been a bit under the weather, in two ways. Been having a bug that’s been bothering me on and off for a while. I do not get VERY sick, but just feel something inside my body and get a little fever now and then too. Very annoying and also makes me so very tired.

Then I have been a bit down, for some reason? And still am, even though I am trying to kick it off me. So I haven’t really been in a writing mood. Well the truth is I haven’t really been in the mood for ANYTHING. Been a bit bored of things… And it was not even November!! Well until today then lol.

Many years ago, when I was young. 😛  Every November I got down. Guess it is called seasonal depression or something like that. November is such a looooooooong, dark and boring month. Nothing much going on really. We’re a large family but we do not even have any birthday this month! lol

For many years I have not felt that seasonal depression though, but still don’t like this month so much. I do look forward to November 30th, cause then it is the 1st of Advent! I am so looking forward to get the lights up and some other decorations. It makes the home more homely and cosy!

So what have I been doing then? Been watching a lot of tv, also been watching a lot of creative videos on youtube to get some kind of inspiration. I have been doing some art journaling, been painting a little. And then of course the usual stuff you have to do in a home. Even if it is boring, it is something that you got to do, or else we would starve to death or not have any clean clothes to put on LOL  And so on…  The only thing that I really do regularly, no matter how I feel, is singing. Even if I do not always sound so good, like if I have a little sore throat, I keep singing.

I hope to get back into my usual self soon! Want to take more photos, paint more, do more art journaling, read books and most important…. hope to get back into doing exercises!! I know I have gained weight… again. Argh! Can tell it on my clothes. Pants getting too small soon! 😦   Not good at all! So I really have to get back on track!!


5 thoughts on “November

  1. Sorry to hear that … time flies, so November will soon be over. I haven’t been any mood for writing or photo either! Not that I’ve felt down or anything … perhaps just that it’s so grey and dull outside. At least the ducks are colourful. I AM looking forward to the little photo challenge, though … one month, that’s alright.


  2. The time IS flying! I am going to put up some things of what I have been doing and I have not been bored. In fact there are not enough hours in the day. Sometimes I have to force myself to do things but always feel better after even if I have been somewhat ill. Maybe my things will inspire you.


    1. Thank you! Will head over to your page soon!

      Yeah I too try to stay busy, and I know if I could kick my behind and start to do some easy exercises that would also make me feel better. It is just the getting started thing that is hard to come over lol


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