Trying to wake up my creative side…

and even though I might not be as amazingly creative as many others out there ( been watching a LOT of youtube channels about art journaling and mixed media ) I try my best. I shouldn’t really say TRY as I just go with the flow. Just let it come out, what ever wants to come out. I HAVE been inspired of some videos I have watched, that is the truth, and have been following some tutorials but I do it in my own way! So it won’t be exactly the same as the original. It was so interesting and fun to see what my friend Susan had done! You are VERY creative Susan! Love all your stuff! Now. I will show you some things I have been doing last couple of months. Nothing AMAZING though but I have had a lot of fun doing what I have been doing! ๐Ÿ™‚ 10258446_10152698118709134_6784839667982500745_n 10313507_10152698118799134_3091784862326649712_n Some paintings 1941327_10152781971619134_6286014902562966964_o 10750443_10152822529469134_5594381121948278982_o Mixed Media pages 10620006_10152822529644134_5031115485729942358_o 10636820_10152794096849134_5836016266815162247_o 10700359_10152822529369134_3937967869846816748_oย DSC02875 Art Journaling


11 thoughts on “Trying to wake up my creative side…

  1. Wow … this is awesome stuff! You’re really been busy, having fun with this! I saw Susan’s too, great stuff. I so admire you guys, because this is so far from what I possibly could think of doing.

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  2. But it is amazing! I love your art. I have used mesh off of wrapping like onions and bubble wrap and made erasers into stamps. It just adds another element to my paper. Sorry it took me so long to get over here. I am doing a little class and it takes up time not to mention P is hard to get off my hands like cling wrap.

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      1. I just saw a girl make some new really cool suggestions. Did you ever do potato stamps? You cut stars and circles and figures in half a potato and use them to stamp. You can stamp with bubble wrap, finger painting, old magazines, I like using the words out of newspapers and magazines and sometimes you can go to your post office and ask if they have any magazines that couldn’t be delivered and they give them to you free here. Threads, buttons, tickets, maps, Masking tape you can mark on and make it like washi tape. Screws and nuts and bolts for stamping. Tea bags, trash. lol Those are pretty good huh?

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  3. This is weird, it says I follow you but I never get your updates and when they asked me to put a blog to follow in the space I put yours and it said there was no rss feed to follow on your page. Do you have the follow feature turned on?


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